About us

IC Robotics was founded to meet an emerging demand; automating tedious copywriting at scale without sacrificing quality. Originally envisioned as a journalistic tool by our sister company, Lasso X, it was rapidly evident that the ideal application was e-commerce.

Customers agreed, and we've now become a fast-growing team of passionate people eager to optimize your e-commerce business using our technology.

Meet us

Our entire team is product-driven. So much so that several of our employees started out as customers who fell in love with our product. We take pride in the fact that every member of our team strives to perfect the product, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of the ultimate e-commerce tool. 

Marc Aas Nilsson

CEO & Founder

man@icrobotics.com |


Janni Jul Christiansen


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Frederik Frost

Lead Developer

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