About IC Robotics

Is it possible to develop a technology that can transform data into readable text? That idea laid the foundation for what is now known as IC Robotics. The technology was developed in our sister company, Lasso X, and was initially used as a tool for data-driven robot journalism.

But suddenly, another industry called for a technology like ours.

The e-commerce industry has been booming in recent years, which has required a higher degree of digitalization, efficiency, and automation. Too many manual processes can slow down even the most successful e-commerce.

The innovative technology behind IC Robotics was therefore developed so that we today can offer e-commerce businesses a tool that automatically transforms product data into product descriptions. You save loads of time, while also being able to work strategically with crucial growth parameters such as conversions, returns, customer journey, cross-selling, and much more.

We have worked tirelessly to become experts in product descriptions and the ultimate tool for e-commerce, so you can speed up your texts without compromising on quality!

Behind IC Robotics, we are a dedicated team of data nerds who are passionate about helping e-commerce businesses automate the process of product descriptions.