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From €0/month

Try it out

Get free access to the platform and try out the magic of automated text for up to 100 products

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From €129/month

Do it yourself

Get access to the platform and build your dream texts with standard templates, AI and your product data

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  • Checkmark Unlimited languages
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From €999/month

Expert Content Creators

Partner up with expert content writers who will build and write your dream texts on the platform

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The final price depends on the number of products in your shop, and payment is charged annually in advance.

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Fill out the form below and our team will guide you in choosing the right solution for your needs and provide a non-binding price offer.

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Can I try IC Robotics for free?

We offer you a 14-day free trial with full access to IC Robotics' platform for you to explore the possibilities before deciding which solution fits your needs.

What happens when the free trial ends?

We will contact you during the free trial to clarify your needs and help you choose the right solution. The free trial is not binding.

How do I get started?

We recommend that you reach out to us so that we can have a chat about how your processes look today. Then together we can clarify whether IC Robotics is a match for you - and which solution would make sense for you. If you just want to try it out, you can try IC Robotics for free in 14 days. 

How do I choose the right solution?

The main question you need to consider when choosing the right solution is; how much of the work do you have the resources to do yourself?

Essential is for you who have the resources to do it yourself. We will provide onboarding and ongoing support but setting up the template and writing the texts will be an internal job. 

Professional is for you who do not have full resources to set up everything yourself but still want to be in control and are able to set aside time to collaborate to achieve the wanted results. We will, on the basis of agreed goals, set up the template and write the text.

Enterprise is for you who want to outsource the whole process of writing the product content to expert content creators. You will partner up with one of our partners, who will set everything up in IC Robotics and write performance-optimized texts that match your product categories. 

Will the number of products, languages, shops, or users affect the price?

The price includes unlimited languages and users but the final price depends on the amount of products in your shop. If you have more than one shop (with different products) it will affect the price. 

Which systems integrate with IC Robotics?

We have direct integrations with the following CMS systems within e-commerce:

  • Shopify
  • Magento 2
  • WooCommerce
  • Dandomain
  • Shoporama

But it is also possible to do a classic import/export through Excel or setup and API.

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