Great product descriptions help your webshop perform better

Use IC Robotics to automate your text generation with an easy setup. With a magical combination of data and natural language, you can ensure beautiful and unique product descriptions that match your Tone of Voice.

IC Robotics the platform
Product specifications is the most important content

Consumers agree - product specifications are the most important content

So why not make it easy for yourself?

Convert more by combining data and text

With IC Robotics you will get:

  • Helpful product descriptions to prevent customers from leaving your shop
  • Informative product descriptions to minimize the return rate
  • SEO-optimized product descriptions that rank higher on Google
Combine text and data with IC Robotics

The traffic we have received on our website has exceeded our wildest dreams. IC Robotics' software has assisted us in describing all the artists in our database and automatically keeping all the descriptions up to date. It makes it effortless for us to quickly update our descriptions with fresh content.

The worst thing for our customers is when products lack product descriptions, leaving them unsure of what they are about to purchase. With IC Robotics, this is no longer a problem. We can now showcase unique, updated, and informative product descriptions that are dynamically created.

Intern linkbuilding impowers your cross-selling
Step up your sales game

Take your cross-selling to the next level with internal link-building

Internal link-building is a brilliant way to support the customer journey, strengthen your category pages, and sell products across categories. However, implementing internal links in all descriptions can be an uphill battle. 

With IC Robotics internal link-building is a peace of cake. IC Robotics will automatically insert the right link in the text based on your product data.

Save time and money with automated texts

With IC Robotics you will:

  • Never have products with little or no description again
  • Get fully updated product descriptions whenever there are new products or changes in your data
  • Have one tool to handle all your texts and an easy way to make changes and optimizations to all texts at once
Automated text with IC Robotics

From the very beginning, the IC Robotics team has been professional and quick to assist us whenever we have utilized their software. It has allowed us to add new products much faster. Our growth would not have been possible without the use of automated product descriptions.

We would have never been able to create descriptions for all craftsmen in Denmark without the help of IC Robotics' software. It has aided us in generating five times as many website leads in just six months.

Avoid duplicate content with synonyms that matches your tone of voice
Make every word count

Avoid duplicate content with synonyms in your Tone of Voice

Duplicate content is an absolute no-go if you want Google to love you. However, not even the best Content Writer has the patience to write hundreds of different versions of a description for the same type of product.

This is where synonyms will be extremely helpful. IC Robotics will automatically spin between your synonyms in the text reducing the risk of duplicate content.

Have full control and ensure the quality

With IC Robotics you will get product descriptions:

  • That reflects your knowledge and creativity 
  • That matches your Tone of Voice
  • Without spelling- or grammar errors
Text control and quality with IC Robotics

We have become aware of how much value it provides us to have high-quality product texts that are also streamlined and structured so they make sense for our customers. This has given us the opportunity to work focused on "what is really relevant to know about, for example, garden furniture?"

AI features gives you quality text at speed
Go from ordinary to extraordinary

Quality product descriptions at lightning speed with AI

Writing great content should not be a time-consuming task. But a large product range with many ongoing replacements and additions requires that you have time to keep up.

IC Robotics is an AI-supported tool with lots of features that can speed up your writing without compromising the quality of the text.

Kick things off with three simple steps

Integrate your data

Connecting your data

Build your texts

Building your content

Publish texts on all your products

Publish to all your products

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Confused? Let's clear things up!

IC Robotics in a nutshell

IC Robotics is technically defined as an NLG (Natural Language Generation) software. We operate in the world of data-to-text generation which means that we generate text based on data. 

Our customers use IC Robotics as a text tool in which they with full control can automate their text generation in a setup based on structure and data. Using AI and data in combination with human knowledge and creativity ensures texts of top quality. 

Read more about the team behind IC Robotics here.

Revealing the inner workings of IC Robotics

IC Robotics automatically generates a text whenever you get a new product or there is an update in your product data (depending on your chosen setting). And this is what happens behind the scenes: 

  1. IC Robotics retrieves data about the product that needs text
  2. Based on your customized template, IC Robotics automatically finds what it needs to write about the product, spins between the different variants and synonyms, and inserts the correct data
  3. IC Robotics automatically sends out a text on the relevant product on your site

Your customers will see an informative text and you haven't even left a finger. 

Why IC Robotics is your key to success

Here are some challenges you may see yourself facing:

  • You have employees writing your product descriptions but it takes way too much of their time.
  • You are using descriptions from your suppliers which are often of low quality or contain incorrect information.
  • You don't have the resources to keep up with the pace you're creating products.
  • You outsourced the writing to an agency but it is an expensive task every time they need to write a new text. 
  • You are using some kind of AI tool but are not happy with the quality and lack of control.

With IC Robotics content creation will never be inconvenient again. You will have a customized template with product data and text written in your own Tone of voice ensuring the quality. At the same time, you have a fully automatic setup which means that you never have to think about a product text again. Unless you want to optimize or make changes to the text. Then you have a unified place to work with all your texts at once. 

Those who can really harness the power of IC Robotics


Within e-commerce and retail, IC Robotics is useful for writing product descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, image alt text, and category descriptions. This task is typically done by the marketing department.

But IC Robotics can also be useful for generating financial reports, job descriptions, housing descriptions, and articles within journalism. Basically, any industry where text is generated based on facts or data.  

Your role in the IC Robotics adventure

We have different solutions depending on your available resources, product range, and specific needs. These will define how much work you will need to do. 

Do it yourself

You have an option where you can do everything yourself with boarding and support from our team.

Collaborate with the IC Robotics team

If you would like help with the setup and the writing we can do a collaboration where our team will be responsible for everything. Together we will set up goals and do ongoing sessions making sure we have the needed knowledge about your products.

Collaborate with expert content creators

We can also outsource the project of setting up the template and writing the texts to one of our partners who are expert content creators and trained in our platform. This will basically take everything away from your table. 

See all the solutions here

Exciting results await you with IC Robotics

Our customers have experienced the following results:

  • Time and money saved
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Growth in ranking on Google
  • Better customer experience
  • Optimized customer journey
  • Lower return rate
  • Texts in high quality
  • Well-structured texts across categories 

Ready to get texts on all your products?