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Kickstart your text generation with the most awesome CMS systems out there!

Ready to have top-notch product descriptions? Harness the power of your product data to enhance your descriptions and ensure your customers have all the info they crave! Your CMS already has it all - so why not sprinkle it throughout your texts?

IC Robotics offers seamless integration with the most popular CMS platforms, allowing you to infuse your data as dynamic elements in your texts.

IC Robotics integrates with some of the most popular CMS systems
Go from data to text in a second
A Game-Changer for Webshops

Let your product data work its magic

Say goodbye to the hassle and let the magic happen. By directly integrating with your CMS, you can now automate your product descriptions effortlessly.

IC Robotics will take care of everything - retrieving data from your CMS, crafting compelling text, and seamlessly sending it to your product page. Sit back, relax, and watch the words come to life without lifting a finger.

Other ways to experience the beauty of data to text

Keeping your data in another system?

No need to worry! There are plenty of alternatives available if you want to experience the enchantment of automated texts. 

In most cases, a simple import and export through Excel should do the trick. However, in certain situations, a custom API might be the way to go.

Don't hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can assist you in getting started!

Use excel or API connection
Make texts that impress Google and your customers
Connecting data and text is a no-brainer

Win over your customers and impress Google

Say goodbye to any concerns about inaccurate information on your product pages. With seamless integration between your CMS and IC Robotics, your products will have relevant, meaningful, and unique product descriptions that will make customers and Google love you.

  • Increase the online presence on search engines
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Lower return rates
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Got questions? Understandable. Let's clarify.

Which systems integrate with IC Robotics?

We have direct integrations with the following CMS systems within e-commerce:

  • Shopify
  • Magento 2
  • WooCommerce
  • Dandomain
  • Shoporama

But it is also possible to do a classic import/export through Excel or setup and API.

What do I need to make an integration?

What you need to make an integration depends on your CMS and we have specific guides for integration with each CMS. For Magento 2, Dandomain, and Shoporama you will need an Access Token. In WooCommerce it is called a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. Whereas in Shopify you have to set up an app and use an API Key and API Password. Besides that, you need a link to your shop.

If you want an automatic setup you will also need to create a webhook in your CMS that tells IC Robotics when to send a text. 

How does the integration work?

Without getting too technical, the integration connects IC Robotics to the data fields on your products making it possible to read, retrieve, and fill out the data. When working in IC Robotics you will be able to look up the products from your shop, insert the available data fields in your texts, and send a full text back to your CMS. Based on the data, IC Robotics will automatically send the right text to the right product making sure that all information on the page is up to date. 

What kind of data will IC Robotics retrieve?

The integration to your CMS will basically give IC Robotics access to all data on your products. It is all the data fields you know e.g. type, categories, brand, color, size, and prices. The quantity, quality, and structure of the data depend on your CMS and product creation process. 

When sending texts back to your CMS it will typically be the description field, meta title, meta descriptions, and sometimes also if you have a short description. 

When will IC Robotics send texts?

If you are going for an automatic setup it will be the webhooks in your CMS telling IC Robotics when to send a text. Customers typically choose Product Created and Product Updated. Then it will only be in these cases, where IC Robotics will send you a text. You can make settings in IC Robotics where you can control if there are some products that you do not want to overwrite.

It is possible to push texts directly from IC Robotics without using webhooks. Then it will not be automatic.

Will the integration affect any other part of my shop?

The integration will only affect the products and you have full control over, which products get texts. It will not overwrite anything unless you tell it to. 

Ready to get texts on all your products?