From an almost impossible task to astonishing results with automated art biographies










How to write 400.000 artist biographies in a matter of seconds 

Artland, which sources and trades art from across the globe, had the wish to increase its presence online and improve its long-tail keywords across all categories. With more than 400.000 artists, this was naturally a big time-consuming, and expensive challenge to face.

The challenge was both the practical execution of writing 400.000 artist biographies and the need for written descriptions of all its galleries and exhibitions around the globe.


Full automation and important long-tail keywords

This was possible through the automatic generation of text descriptions. This is where IC Robotics came to its right, making it possible for Artland to automatically generate all the required texts.

In close collaboration with their SEO partner, the implementation of the relevant long-tail keywords was ensured, impacting the results immensely. With IC Robotics, it was easy to centrally implement the relevant keywords.

Artland integrated their data variables, set up their templates, and started automatically publishing and dynamically updating their artist biographies.

"We have experienced a tremendous increase in traffic, which we could have only dreamed of. The editor has enabled us to cover all artists in our database, automatically keep all descriptions updated, and easily correct mistakes or update our descriptions with new content."


A tremendous increase in website visitors and Google ranking

The result has exceeded the wildest dreams of Artland and tripled their daily unique, organic visitors within the first two months. Furthermore, it has increased its rankings on Google for all its related artist search terms.

It was achieved through the aggressive increase in keywords introduced on the 400.000 new artist descriptions.

Some artist biographies have performed better than others. Alexander Lihl's biography went from being beyond page 10 to becoming the first result when searching for his name on Google. Furthermore, other artist pages, such as Peter Halley's, have increased their monthly visits immensely.

Besides the tremendous SEO results, the implementation of IC Robotics has ensured that Artland has fully updated artist biographies, including the newest work and latest exhibitions of the artists. The artist's biographies are dynamically updated when new data is added or changed.


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