From manual, time-consuming tasks to a hassle-free and fully automated process










One-man-army against a thousand products

BasicXL is a Danish webshop selling basic plus-size clothing. In 2021, BasicXL went through a rebranding process, going from being hosted in an older DanDomain solution to Shopify. 

A part of the rebranding process was to create more than a thousand new products in Shopify - and write unique product descriptions for every one of them. As a one-man-business, this was a very time-heavy task.


Automation and internal link-building

The solution was clear; automate the manual tasks of creating product descriptions. While not only being able to save many hours, it has been possible to add links to core category pages in the templates. This ensures better rankings on search engines and increased organic traffic to the site. 

On a practical operations level, it has been possible for BasicXL to focus on other human-needed tasks and place the effort on other high-priority areas.

"We have saved countless hours by implementing IC Robotics automated product descriptions on our store whilst maintaining our tone of voice. We have been able to make changes that can be applied to all our products simultaneously, and the software is very user-friendly. The team behind has been extremely helpful throughout the entire process."


Huge time-saver 

In close collaboration, we have helped BasicXL keep, and even strengthen, the tone of voice. At the same time, we have created unique and descriptive texts for all products focusing on product specifications, USPs and relevant SEO keywords. 

It has ultimately given BasicXL more hours during the day and time for prioritizing other tasks. BasicXL can continuously optimize its existing products and add new products in seconds.


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