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A wide range of products with many variations makes it a time-consuming task to write unique and content-rich product descriptions

BDA Living is an online store renowned for stylish, minimalistic, and functional bathroom products that can turn anyone's bathroom dream into a reality.

Their range includes countless variations, as the products typically come in various sizes, colors, and more. Writing unique texts for so many product variants is a time-consuming task, which meant that BDA Living had the same product descriptions on multiple products. This has posed challenges for them with duplicate content and a lack of unique and content-rich descriptions.

As part of their overall focus on SEO for their webshop, BDA Living had the ambition to rewrite the descriptions for the majority of their product categories. Therefore, BDA Living was searching for an effective solution that could save them time and resources without compromising the quality of the texts.


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An efficient tool that can be used internally ensures texts that meet the desired level of product knowledge and guidance

BDA Living was in search of an internal tool that would meet their needs for in-depth product knowledge, ensuring that customers receive the necessary information and guidance before making a purchase.

Hiring an external copywriter or agency that would need to be trained in the product range was deemed to be just as time-consuming as writing the texts themselves.

IC Robotics was therefore an obvious choice. It has provided BDA Living with a platform where they can have all their texts in one place and work efficiently across their product categories. Based on the data from their webshop, they can create unique and detailed texts for all product variants, thus avoiding duplicate content.

"IC Robotics has exceeded our expectations and fulfilled all of our requirements. We have created unique and informative content across all of our categories, eliminating any duplicate content and providing valuable text for our customers. This has also saved us countless hours of work. If we had attempted to write these texts ourselves, we would likely still be trying to finish them today."


Significant time-saving and optimized product descriptions have led to positive results in the customer service department

Der var ét successkriterie for BDA Living, da de valgte IC Robotics, og det var, at det skulle være en nem og effektiv måde at skabe mange gode og unikke produkttekster som sparede dem tid og ressourcer ift. at skrive dem manuelt. Og dét lykkedes!

BDA Living has prioritized SEO and internal link building in their texts, but the most important aspect has been providing their customers with the information and guidance they need when purchasing bathroom products. The increased focus on product information in the texts has resulted in the customer service department receiving fewer calls from customers with inquiries that can now be answered in the product descriptions.

For BDA Living, it is incredibly valuable that they are responsible for the product descriptions in-house due to their internal product expertise. And as a bonus, they have discovered that the structured work with product texts has resulted in everyone in the company now having a complete understanding of what is stated in the texts.

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