Dear Denier

Scaling Organic Search Impressions with SEO-optimized product texts

This case is done in collaboration with Fact.



Dear Denier







Higher online engagement in a competitive market

Dear Denier has taken up the fight against the major problems within the textile industry - especially in the production of tights - and therefore sells tights in a sustainable design and with the highest possible durability. They kickstarted a modification of their digital marketing strategy with the ambition to increase their online presence. The goal was to get higher visibility and online engagement for the products on their website. 

But selling daily wear like tights, socks, and underwear is not an easy task as it is a very competitive market with a lot of different players from the smallest businesses like Dear Denier to large chain stores. To succeed in increasing their online presence they needed the right partners and tools. 


"Fact has with IC Robotics managed to significantly elevate our Google SEO ranking in a short period of time, resulting in a substantial increase in high-quality traffic to our website as well as a significant increase in conversions on site. Their proficient and targeted approach has truly made a difference, and we’ve witnessed remarkable improvements in our online visibility."


A SEO-partner and a text automation tool 

Dear Denier partnered up with the SEO agency Fact, which helped them optimize their website by focusing on data, category structure, internal links, and product texts. 

By using IC Robotics as their text automation tool Fact made an efficient setup to automate the text production to all products on Dear Deniers webshop within 10 hours. The text includes: 

  • Product descriptions
  • Several SEO texts on the product page
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt texts
  • Internal links to category-specific pages


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Impressive results in just one month

Dear Denier now has SEO-optimized texts on all their products and it has already paid off. Within the first month, Dear Denier saw impressive results on their shop and on Google and it seems like it is still going that way. 

Here are the results they have experienced so far:

  • They are now ranking on page 1 on Google for "Stockings" and "Black stockings"
  • They have gained 5 times more impressions and clicks on their website
  • They have experienced an overall enhanced SEO performance on their website



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