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Product texts of varying quality

Fog is one of Denmark's leading webshops in the field of retail and offers a comprehensive range of products across different categories within home and design products as well as timber and building materials. The breadth of the assortment makes it challenging to keep all the products updated with original and descriptive product descriptions. As a result, a significant portion of the items on the webshop have had standard texts from the suppliers or, in some cases, no texts at all.

The challenge lies in the significant difference in quantity, structure, and quality of the texts that can be obtained from the suppliers. It is therefore challenging to have descriptive product texts that both inspire and inform the customer, as many texts need to be written from scratch or constructed based on incomplete information from the suppliers. Fog aims to provide its customers with the guidance and most relevant information needed for online purchases.


We have become aware of how much value it provides us to have high-quality product texts that are also streamlined and structured so they make sense for our customers. This has given us the opportunity to work focused on "what is really relevant to know about, for example, garden furniture?"


Data and category-based texts in a structured setup

Due to the broad range of products, Fog was not only looking for an efficient way to add text to their products but also a way to strategically work with each product category. There is a significant difference in the types of information that are relevant to read about for garden furniture and a power drill.

With IC Robotics, Fog could easily create engaging, descriptive, and original product descriptions for hundreds of products, solely based on structured product data. It was particularly important for Fog that each product text could be unique using the intelligent solutions of synonyms, alternate sentences, and AI rewriting offered by IC Robotics.


Streamlined texts in high-quality

Fog is thrilled with the quality of the texts generated through IC Robotics and finds it valuable to streamline and structure the texts using the available product data. This approach not only saves time in the actual writing of the text but also allows the generation of texts for multiple products in the same category at once. IC Robotics has helped Fog to focus and structure their efforts in improving product texts with the information that matters most to their customers' purchasing decisions.


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