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How to keep up with hundreds of thousands of product descriptions across four markets

LuksusBaby is a big Danish-based kids-fashion e-commerce business with more than 160 employees, retail stores, and 300.000+ products. Luksusbaby has expanded to several new markets during the past few years, continuing its massive success in new countries.

300.000+ products in several local markets naturally bring a demand for product texts: product descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt image texts. 

Luksusbaby faced the massive challenge of manually creating hundreds of thousands of product descriptions in several languages. Even with eight people on the content creation team - exclusively setting up new products in the shops - it was impossible to keep up with all the product descriptions. 


Generating it all automatically while staying true to their brand

The Luksusbaby team knew they needed to find a way to generate high-quality product descriptions in multiple languages. This is where IC Robotics came into play.

First of all, Luksusbaby was able to automate creating product descriptions based on structured data. The ruleset configuration and the content is in the hands of Luksusbaby’s employees, who know how to communicate their brand the best.

Second, it’s now possible to generate automated texts across all Luksusbaby’s markets, and they only have a two-day market entry for a new local language. It’s no longer a time-consuming task to translate every text into a new language.


A strong foundation for future market expansions

Luksusbaby has automatically generated more than 1,2 million texts across product descriptions, meta titles and descriptions, and alt images. This meant that Luksusbaby could cut the number of employees managing the products in half.

Luksusbaby can now generate new descriptions as easy as the push of the button, meaning the product descriptions are always up to date. All this while the improved accuracy of the content helps guide the visitors to complete a purchase.

Ultimately, Luksusbaby has a robust automated setup that is ready for future successes and new markets.