Min håndværker

500% increase in website leads with automatically generated craftsmen descriptions



Min Håndværker






Work smarter, not harder

Min Håndværker is run by Maguru, who helps craftsmen generate new leads and ensure that the customers of craftsmen have the best experience possible. 

Practically the website connects craftsmen with potential customers, so they wished to increase their Google results organically. The strategy of Min Håndværker was focused on ranking long-tail keywords related to specific craftsmen.


More than 50.000 automatically generated craftsmen descriptions

Min Håndværker used IC Robotics to automatically generate 50.000 craftsmen descriptions. 

The texts are based on data about each craftsman. They are all unique from each other while focusing on the relevant keywords. At the same time, they provide their users with better insights about the different craftsmen to help the interested visitor convert and become a lead.

“We would never have been able to cover all craftsmen in Denmark without the help of the IC Robotics editor. It has led us to more than five times as many website leads in just six months."


Constantly updated, unique, and relevant texts

In collaboration, we have helped increase Maguru’s website leads by more than 500% in just six months. Maguru is now making sure that anyone looking for a craftsman always has the latest information on any craftsman readily available on their site.

Min Håndværker has massively increased the number of visitors to the pages of specific craftsmen by targeting long-tail keywords. This strategy has resulted in better rankings on Google on all their related craftsmen search terms.

All of their 50.000 texts specifically target the relevant keywords and search terms while providing unique and relevant information for their readers.


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