How Panzerscreen achieved massive growth in business-critical KPI's with automated product descriptions



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+ 5%



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Thousands of products and no time to write product descriptions

Panzerscreen is a Danish e-commerce company that started a few years ago with a dream of selling all types of covers for electronic devices. With that dream come many product descriptions, as there are thousands of different covers for electronic devices.

The biggest challenge for Panzerscreen was to keep up with the demand for new types of products while maintaining a high-quality description to help the visitors convert into buying customers.


An automated flow of dynamically updated descriptions

Panzerscreen used to work with freelancers who wrote their product descriptions. With this many descriptions, there was a heavy cost related to freelance content writers and the fact that they experienced a very varied quality in the product descriptions.

It did not take long for Panzerscreen to decide that this process needed to be automated. If they should keep up with the high number of new products being added every month and lower the cost associated, they had to do something.

They chose IC Robotics as they discovered the possibility of fully automating the product description process.

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"The worst for our customers is when there are no product descriptions, and they do not entirely know what they are about to purchase. With IC Robotics, we have now overcome that obstacle. We can present unique, up-to-date, and informative product descriptions that are dynamically updated and created."

- Michael Simonsen, CWO at 3m group, owner of


Increased conversion rate with longer time spent on product pages

Panzerscreen experienced some massive and impressive results after implementing IC Robotics in their store.

First, Panzerscreen has generated more than 34.000 product descriptions, varying from 200 to 600 words. Most importantly, the descriptions help the visitors answer all their questions about the product.

With the effective use of internal link building on each product page linking back to its main category page, they have experienced an increase in the overall website views.

Lastly, but possibly most important, the conversion rate has increased by 5% since using our software to automate their product descriptions.

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